Breadlines: Food Justice in the UK – first issue now available

Rosie News

Welcome to Breadlines! The new offer from CAWR and Community Centred Knowledge focusing on Food Justice and hoping to make it controversial, critical and cutting edge!

Here is the link: BREADLINES, click to connect!

Breadlines is and will be an online and paper ‘zine which will hopefully develop a wide national and international reach to share a range of issues pertaining to Food Justice and associated issues.


Further contributions:

This is the first, experimental issue and we wish to encourage you to contribute to subsequent issues, using the format you prefer: text, video, audio; poetry, rap, discussion, short report or article and we’ll work with you to help make it suitable for publication. Contact details for contributions are to be found at the end of the linked page.

We’d also like others to work with as editors, so contact us if you are interested in this and let’s have a chat to take it further!

Breadlines – Issue 1 Cover