Knowledge for Food Justice: Participatory and Action Research Approaches

Edited by the People’s Knowledge Editorial Collective. [Book title subject to change].

For publication in Spring 2017 – Click below for preview flyer.

Knowledge for Food Justice flyer

This multi-media open source edited book brings together over sixty activists, farmers, practitioners, researchers, community organisers and peoples from around the world who are strategically producing and mobilising knowledge to create a better, more sustainable and just food system.

The book examines participatory and action research approaches that have worked towards food systems transformation within the context of the related social movements for food sovereignty, agroecology and/or food justice. The debates, case studies and principles discussed throughout the chapters have been tailored to directly discuss or to exemplify the range of knowledge processes in social movements used to bring about food systems change – thus intentionally linking knowledge and action.

Chapters involve a range of contributions from different geographical areas (e.g. rural/urban, continents, scales from local to global, etc.); focusing on diverse participant profiles (e.g. women family peasants, social movement activists, pastoralists, fisherfolk, educators, indigenous peoples, researchers and farmers, etc.); using a range of research methods (participatory, policy-oriented, visual communication, critical pedagogy, audio/video, etc.); focusing on diverse aspects of food systems (e.g. stages covering the entire food supply chain from production, distribution, consumption and waste) and on different timescales (e.g. from one-off project base to long-time engagement).

The book will be published in spring 2017.

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