Our Publications

This list includes publications of members of People’s Knowledge that demonstrate or analyze research that is located in the tradition of participatory, transformative and transdisciplinary methodologies. This list is only partial and we are currently in the process of gathering these resources.


Anderson, C.R., Maughan, C. Vizy, M., and R. Dunn, Pimbert, M. 2017. Agroecology Learning and Training for Solidarity. Poster presented at Nyeleni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty. Available here for download.

Anderson, C.R., Pimbert, M. and A. Bernhart. 2017. Democratising Agriculture and Food Research for Agroecology and Food Sovereignty. Poster presented at Nyeleni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty. October 26, 2017. Available at: http://www.peoplesknowledge.org/new-resource-democratising-agriculture-and-food-knowledge-for-agroecology-and-food-sovereignty/

Anderson, C.R. Buchanan, C., Chang, M., Sanchez, J., and T. Wakeford (eds). Action Research for Food Systems Transformation. Reclaiming Citizenship and Diversity Series. Coventry: Coventry University. Contents (Chapters and Authors) – In Progress

Chapters from active members of People’s Knowledge collective:

Anderson, C.R., Silivay. J. and K. Lobe. (2017). Organizing for Food Sovereignty: The Opportunities and Contradictions of Institutionalization and Formalization. Click here for pre-print draft of chapter.

Brem-Wilson, J. and P. Nicholson. (2017). La Vía Campesina and the Academy: A Snapshot.

Chang, M. (2017). Connecting the Dots and Closing the Loops: A Living Lab for Living Well.

Wakeford, T. Participatory Workers: From Tyrants to Critical Thinkers.

Buchanan, C. Logan, R. and M. Chang. (2017). Reclaiming the plots: Struggles and strategies from London’s Community Food Growing Network.

Pimbert, M. Satheesh, P., Argumedo, A. and T. Farvar (2017). Action research transforming local food systems in India, Iran and Peru.

Sanchez Rodriguez, J. and Pastora de la P. Cataño, M. (2017). CAIS Maloka: researching our Campesino reality.

Salas, M. and T. Tillmann. (2017). Recovering Andean Food Wisdom: Participatory methods and food sovereignty in the Peruvian Andes.

Romero, G. (2017). Women defending their territory and natural resources in Peru. The Women’s Collective: Celendinas Luchadoras en Defensa de la Pachamama.


People’s Knowledge and Participatory Action Research: Escaping the White Walled Labyrinth (PDF 3.6MB)

Ramdas, S. Life cycles: Climate change seen through indigenous worldviews. (2016). Farming Matters. 32 (1), 22-25. Available here.

Wakeford, T., Anderson, C. and M. Pimbert. (2016). Strengthening People’s Knowledge. Farming Matters. 32 (1), 40-42. Available here.

Anderson, C.R. and S.M. McLachlan. (In Print). Mobilizing Knowledge Through Participatory Action Research: Transmedia, Bridges and Layers. Action Research. Available here.

Yap, C. (2016). “Garden Inside: Communication, Representation and Transformation in Seville’s Urban Gardens.” Canadian Food Studies / La Revue Canadienne Des éTudes Sur L’alimentation. Available: http://canadianfoodstudies.uwaterloo.ca/index.php/cfs/pages/view/GardenInside.



Anderson, C.R., Pimbert, M. and C. Kiss. (2015). Agroecology as Practice, Movement and Vision. Available at: http://www.agroecologynow.com/video/ag/

Anderson, C.R., Pimbert, M. and C. Kiss (2015). Building, Defending and Strengthening Agroecology: Global Struggles for Food Sovereignty. Farming Matters special in-set available online at: http://www.agroecologynow.com/publications/

Tornaghi, C. & Van Dyck, B. (2015) ‘Research-informed gardening activism: steering the public food and land agenda’Local Environment, 20 (10), 1247-1264.

Wakeford, T., Pimbert, M., and Walcon, E. (2015) Re-fashioning citizens’ juries: participatory democracy in action. In Handbook of Action Research (3rd Edn.) (pp: 229-245) . Ed. by Bradbury, H. New York: Sage http://www.sagepub.com/refbooks/Book242797



Brem-Wilson, J. (2014). From ‘Here’ to ‘There’: Social Movements, the Academy and Solidarity Research. Socialist Studies / Études socialistes, 10(1). Available here.

Levidow, Les, Michel Pimbert, and Gaetan Vanloqueren. (2014). Agroecological Research: Conforming—or Transforming the Dominant Agro-Food Regime?. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 38.10: 1127-1155.

Anderson, C. R., McLachlan, S. M., McDonald, W., & Gardiner, J. (2014). Navigating the fault lines in civic food networks. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development, 4(3), 79–99. Available here.