AR+ Transformations Invitation to register. Gathering March 7-10, Chalmers, Sweden.

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Action Research + is organizing The AR+ Transformations Gathering, convening over Women’s Day, March 7-10, 2019, hosted by Chalmers University in Gothenburg Sweden.


AR+ Transformations Gathering is a community organizing space, designed by and for those committed to action oriented transformations research. Our gathering convenes a new global community in creative collaborations around the question of how to do learning/science with stakeholders. If you’re engaged in creating transformative knowledge, emphasizing participation, (self-) inquiry, action and deeper values orientation, then you belong! We see our transdisciplinary work not only as an alternative, but also as a complement, to conventional ways of doing “objective” science. We want our research to be much more useful in  response to the crises of sustainability. We want our collaborations to piggyback on the important work already underway around the work.  For this we must connectup.


Come, be part of, and contribute to, shaping this community. We welcome like-hearted scholars/practitioners and activists to connect, to feel replenished and find new strengths for our next experiments in a global learning community. Our unusual emphasis on community building calls you to participate as a founder/co-generator of a new proto-community which will take form  during the AR+ Transformations Gathering and have continuity after we leave. When you sign up we therefore invite you to share your personal and community intentions. We also invite you to consider, with us, what can we accomplish together. These intentions and aspirations are the seeds of our learning community.


As with everything at AR+, our work is made possible by partners’ contributions and donations. If the suggested donations below are an obstacle for you/your community, we invite you to apply for sponsorship (scholarship). Please be in touch directly with Hilary and or Steve.

Now please register your participation below.

Be assured that the international co-design team, undersigned, is working to interweave diverse voices into the design. We welcome your input too. Please be on the look out for an invitation to an upcoming  “Pre-Gathering zoom tea,” in which we will ‘cook’ the relational space together. For this we will convene groups in conversation  – around some of the prompts that our rich interviews with invitees provided. So please take a look when you can, as you’ll meet other (terrific!) invitees: Waking blog.

Register here:


Hilary Bradbury – AR+ Convener & Jubilee Professor for “Research Utilization” at Chalmers U.

  • Steve Waddell– Transformations Forum, Lead.
  • Derk Loorbach– Director – Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) at Erasmus University, Netherlands.

Jean Hartmann – new PhD, Social work entrepreneur, Adjunct at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

  • Maria Elmquist– Dean, Technology, Management Economics (TME), Chalmers U. Sweden.
  • Million Belay– t-learning transformative knowledge network of Africa.