Film Screenings in Coventry – 2 films on Food, Justice and Sustainability

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Join us for two film screenings in Coventry: both related to how to create a more just and sustainable food system and society.

In Our Hands
March 21, 2018
The Tin Music and Arts venue

The first film is In Our Hands which has been produced by the Landworkers’ Alliance to advocate on behalf of ‘a growing movement of farmers and food workers who are creating vibrant farms, living soils, thriving food markets and a fairer food system for all’.

‘At the heart of all change is a story, and In Our Hands is the story of a new kind of farm, a new kind of food and a new kind of society. This film has been created as an open source tool in order to debunk the myth of the industrial food system, and be a resource for farmers and activists in building a better world.’

“We cannot solve the problems of our food systems overnight, but these spaces are invaluable in raising awareness and getting people thinking and talking about solutions to make for a better, fairer and more sustainable future.” – Luke Owen, Coventry University 

“The film screening of in our hands went really well, with good food and a lively discussion afterwards. It brought up the complexity of the  food system and gave people lots to think about . Hopefully we have motivated people to get involved in the consultation the government is holding about the future of food policy post brexit.” – Rebecca Stevenson – Five Acre Farm



What’s Eating Coventry?
April 23, 2018
Rose Community Centre
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The second film is called What’s Eating Coventry and is produced by Coventry Men’s Shed. The film creatively explores the issue of poverty, social justice and how people are eating in the city of Coventry.

It also steps back and asks bigger questions about “What’s Eating Coventry” where the video makers link the problems in Coventry to issues related to austerity and exploitation. The film explores some of the ways that communities are responding to the issue of hunger and food poverty, offering new insights and hope for the future.

Organized by:

The Midlands Chapter of the Landworkers’ Alliance and the Coventry Men’s Shed group are collaborating with Five Acre Community Farm in Ryton, the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University and Feeding Coventry.