[:en]Peer Review Guidelines[:]

[:en]Please provide your feedback on the chapter by responding to the enclosed questions with as much detail as possible. The feedback can be given all in one go or in intervals, as you wish. Other reviewers will give their feedback online so you can provide comments on their feedback too.

The questions are meant to guide your feedback, you don’t need to answer all of them. These comments will be used by the authors to make revisions to their chapter, so please try to give your feedback in a constructive and friendly manner. You are also encouraged to attach the original document with tracked changes if you have specific edits and in-text comments.

  1. What do you like most about this chapter (e.g. content, style, use of multi-media)?
    Does the chapter give a sense of what kind of action research and learning is being undertaken?
  2. Does this chapter demonstrate how the action research fits into an agenda to transform food systems and transform society?
  3. Does the chapter appropriately discuss how the case study fits into broader movements to transform food systems (e.g. food justice, food sovereignty, agroecology, etc.)
  4. Is the chapter easy to follow and cohesive? Are there any important components that might be missing (e.g., context, recommendations, etc.)?
  5. Does the chapter end with some conclusions, implications or final remarks that tie off the story?
  6. Are there any recommendations in the chapter – or should there be – and if so provide suggestions to the authors.
  7. Is the chapter written in a format, style and language that is easy to understand, specifically to non-academics and people whose first language is not English? Please make specific suggestions or areas for improvement for example identifying problems with spelling/grammar and where any complex terms (jargon) have been used that could be better explained in the chapter (include page numbers where possible).
  8. Is the chapter long enough to go into the subject in enough depth? Or, is the chapter too long? Could you give any recommendations of additions/deletions to the chapter?
  9. Does this chapter have a section of reflections from the author(s)? If not, would it benefit from one?
  10. Do you have any additional comments?