Food Justice

Food justice resource list available here.

Sub-project 1: Food, Justice and Food Justice For All

Collaborating with Community Centre Knowledge, we are working to develop thinking and practices on food justice and decolonisation in the UK. Visit here to see outputs of this workshop, along with other resources relevant to food justice. A workshop report is available there and the inaugural issue of a related grassroots journal on food justice in the UK will be shared here soon. You can find a range of resources on topics connected to food justice by clicking here. This includes online resources, books, and academic articles.A short video of some of the discussions during the Food, Justice and Food Justice for All workshop (Birmingham, June 2017) can be watched here.


Sub-project 2: Our Food

Gibo, from the Men's Shed in Coventry, recruits people on the street to participate in vox pops on food justice

Gibo, from the Men’s Shed in Coventry, recruits people on the street to participate in vox pops on food justice

“Our Food” is a participatory video project co-produced by  NOMAD (Harrow), Solidarity Hull, the Coventry Men’s Shed and supported by CAWR to use food as a lens to explore social justice issues in the UK. Click here for full details.


Sub-project 3: Coventry Food Justice Network

Coventry Food Justice emerged from conversations with individuals, groups and agencies in the local community of Coventry who are engaged in tackling the socially and environmentally unsustainable aspects of our food system. The current focus is on the city of Coventry and our aims are to:

  • bring visibility to the community food justice work underway in Coventry
  • link up organisations, agencies, groups and individuals to build a stronger support network
  • generate discussion and action towards a fairer food system through participatory action research and participatory learning

We organized a range of activities and projects including events, food justice walks, a web-space, videos that will help us meet these aims. Longer term plans involve connecting nationally and internationally with the growing food justice movement.