Summer School on Research Practice for Food System Transformation

2018 course: Held from 24 June to 1 July 2018, Cal Cases, Catalonia.

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Overview of summer school

Participants of Catalonia Summer School on Transformative Research Approaches

How can we undertake research and learning in ways that contribute to greater social, ecological and knowledge justice?

While other learning opportunities might focus on other aspects of food system transformation: like alternative food networks, the right to food and policies for food sovereignty, our summer school is about approaches, methodologies and pedagogies of action research. Thus, our learning goals are to:

  1. Better understand the wider politics of knowledge and our own positioning as researchers.
  2. Critically reflect on our own practices and theories of change.
  3. Learn about approaches, methodologies and pedagogies that can contribute to greater justice.
  4. Build a “community of practice” that can become a network for mutual support and learning after the course.

Our approach will draw on the principles of critical pedagogy, participation and popular education methodologies. We will convene spaces for sharing ideas and research, unpacking problems in research and to explore together the collective experiences, uncertainties, hopes and dreams of the group.


The summer school is hosted by: