Decolonising the Curriculum Resources

As a part of our ongoing reflexive process at People’s Knowledge and at CAWR (e.g . see here and here), we have been examining the praxis of decolonising the curriculum in the context of our research centre. Given how universities are centre of epistemic power and have historically been mechanisms of colonial power, the idea of decolonising a university (and its curriculum) is complicated, challenging and ultimately the idea of a decolonised university is oxymoronic.

Thinking about decolonizing the university raises far more questions and uncertainties than it does concrete answers. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t agency and possibility and we are grateful to be be aware of, and in some cases connected to, a range of movements, activists and initiatives that we can learn from. To this end, we have started to collect some resources that we have found useful, and share them here in the spirit of stimulating critical reflection, learning and connections.