Join Us: Our Food Event – Screening of Participatory Videos on Food Justice

Colin Anderson Events

March 7 – 6PM to 9PM

Location:Thenga Cafe
120 Cromer Street, Kings Cross, London , WC1H 8BS

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Join us for a screening and celebration of three videos made by three grassroots organizations in three cities. Each film is the result of a participatory video project where participants in each place explored what ‘food justice’ means from their perspectives. We will show and discuss the films, enjoy some food and have a chat about the meaning of social justice as it relates to food in our lives. Join us!

The Three Films:

Food Justice through Commensality: The Art of Eating Together.
Produced by Solidarity Hull

Our short film is an exploration of what Food Justice means to different people in Hull and in particular, how Solidarity Hull defines it and acts on it. We, people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, reflect on how important is food in our communities in the UK and back home discovering that eating is not just about nourishing our bodies but also strengthening our links as people, friends and extended family.

The Power of Food
Produced by NOMAD: Nation of Migration Awakening the Diaspora

“The Power of Food” is a special news report exploring our experiences and the relationship we have with food. This news report is the conclusion of our year long research project about food justice. What the term means to us and what type of food is available in our local area. This report is the result of encouraging people who aren’t “foodie’s to take action and generate their own opinions about Food Justice.

What’s Eating Coventry
Produced by Coventry Men’s Shed

This film creatively explore’s the issue of poverty, social justice and how people are eating in the city of Coventry. It also steps back and asks bigger questions about “What’s Eating Coventry” where the video makers link the problems in coventry to issues related austerity and exploitation. The film explores some of the ways that communities are responding to the issue of hunger and food poverty, offering new insights and hope for the future.


Project convened by and funded by the British Academy.