Our Food


“Our Food” is a participatory video project co-produced by  NOMAD (Harrow), Solidarity Hull, the Coventry Men’s Shed and supported by CAWR to use food as a lens to explore social justice issues in the UK. See videos outcomes below.

Food insecurity and diet related health problems are increasing in the U.K., as they are elsewhere. It seems clear that these problems stem from wider injustices and deepening inequality in a brutal age of austerity. Yet, mainstream institutions, politicians, professionals and activists often perpetuate a range of “food myths” about the causes and the best solutions to the problems with our food system.

Hinda and Fatma from Harrow working with Hugh from Gateshead to prepare for participatory video filming in Coventry.

Hinda and Fatma from NOMAD working with Hugh from Gateshead to prepare for participatory video filming in Coventry.

These food myths shift attention away from structural political problems towards blaming individuals for food related problems like food poverty. These myths also encourage people to think about short term band-aid solutions by encouraging individual behavioral change and food charity rather than confronting structural political and cultural issues that are at the root of food related injustices. Further, it is almost always expert authorities and voices who have a say in defining the problem and proposing solution. This project is about bringing grassroots groups together to analyse, voice and act on food injustices in collective and political ways. This project began in May 2016 and finished in May 2018 and was funded in part by the British Academy.

Video Outcome 4 – Food Justice through Commensality: The Art of Eating Together

Produced by Solidarity Hull

This short film is an exploration of what Food Justice means to different people in Hull and in particular, how Solidarity Hull defines it and acts on it. We, people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, reflect on how important is food in our communities in the UK and back home discovering that eating is not just about nourishing our bodies but also strengthening our links as people, friends and extended family.




Video Outcome 3 – What’s Eating Coventry?

Produced by Coventry Men’s Shed

This film creatively explore’s the issue of poverty, social justice and how people are eating in the city of Coventry. It also steps back and asks bigger questions about “What’s Eating Coventry” where the video makers link the problems in coventry to issues related austerity and exploitation. The film explores some of the ways that communities are responding to the issue of hunger and food poverty, offering new insights and hope for the future.

Video Outcome 2 – Theatre at City Food Symposium

This video performance is an outcome and dramatisation of the discussions and debates in the Our Food project on food justice in the UK, relating these to issues around food policy in the UK. It was performed at the City Food Symposium on December 12, 2016.


Video Outcome 1 – Food Justice Vox Pops and Theatre Mash Up